Wei Hong
Title Former Primogen
Clan Daeva
Covenant Invictus
Childer David Hong
Ghouls Xin Hong

Wei Hong Edit

One of the single most influential vampires in the city. Wei Hong is the foremost member of the Invictus Inner Circle, the center of the local opium trade, and a pillar of the Chinese immigrant community.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Wei Hong is of Chinese decent, part of a family long respected in the Seattle international district as business people and socialites. He stands about 5'7", of distinguished features, with his long hair pulled into a perfectly groomed braid. He is in his mid-forties. He dresses strikingly in the best fashions from Hong Kong and other Asian fashion centers as well as suits so spectacularly tailored that he often rivals the Prince at social functions.

Personality Edit

Despite his relatively young age for his power (being embraced in 1893), Wei Hong is perfectly at ease as an elder in the city. He still keeps up with every new development, using the best electronics, listening to music yet to become popular in America, and driving exquisite vehicles. He is among the power elite of the city, and he knows it. He is incredibly well informed. He drew his childe from a close relation of his family. He treats his childe as a form of VP or assistant, and is rarely seen without him on official business.

His real love is Chinese culture. He owns a number of charities and museums dedicated to Chinese art, culture, business development, and more. He dislikes the fractured nature of his covenant, and wants to unit the local First Estate under a single banner. He strives to see the Invictus in the city behave more like the boardroom of one of his enterprises than the incestuous feudal trap it is. He covets the position of Prince, but has yet to take any definite steps to actually secure the title for himself.

Friends and Foes Edit

David Hong Edit

Wei Hong's personal assistant and Childe, David is an invaluable asset. He manages most of Wei's less legal affairs as well as personnel arrangements. This leaves Wei free to pursue his high-level agenda and personal projects and insulates him by at least one step from inquiries into his cash flow.

Fang Hua Hong Edit

Sired by Inquisitor Leah Albion's ward Billy as a companion and lover, Fang Hua is an important part of Wei Hong's perfect Requiem. Not only does she provide the proper cultural and aesthetic elements to complete his image, but she is a genuinely engaging young woman who has won over many of the city's fashionable Kindred.

Elizabeth Jacobi Edit

Wei Hong is beyond ecstatic that Elizabeth is dead, though he doesn't suspect the true nature of her demise. He has moved to acquire as many of her holdings as possible, though the Marquis has opposed his acquisitions as vigorously as possible.

The Marquis Edit

Jacobi's lapdog is trying to step into her shoes.Wei Hong has never liked the brutish, stupid fop of a Gangrel. Now that he doesn't have the protection of the more powerful Jacobi, Hong hopes to make an easy meal (possibly literally) of this annoying relic.

The One-Eye Edit

Hong and One-Eye are direct competitors in the import business, and Wei doesn't like how many Chinese citizens One-Eye brings over in his trafficking operations. While Hong probably wouldn't try to have One-Eye killed, he wouldn't mind having the Japanese Elder fade into obscurity.