Title Seneschal
Clan Ventrue
Covenant Invictus

Nicodemus Edit

The Right Hand of the Prince. Arcturus' most loyal retainer and associate for several centuries. Nicodemus handles most of the day-to-day operation of the city, as Arcturus finds most matters of state tedious.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Nicodemus is not an ostentatious Kindred. Indeed, though he dresses in fine suits to match his master, this Seneschal is considerably less physically imposing. Nicodemus stands approximately 5'10", has grayed hair, and appears to be somewhere in his late sixties to early seventies. He has strong, but aged features, and bears a striking resemblance to Michael Caine. Always standing straight as an arrow, Arcturus' right-hand vampire is every bit the distinguished gentleman and logistician.

Personality Edit

Do not be fooled by Nicodemus' unassuming appearance. Nicodemus is a highly skilled and discrete agent, exercising exacting efficiency with unswerving loyalty to the Prince. Nicodemus has been bound to Arcturus' service for centuries, and is not likely to be swayed by any offer the Seattle Kindred might make. The Seneschal acts very much as Arcturus' social conscious, and often has to remind him to keep appointments and solve problems within his realm. If Arcturus is the politician and artist, then Nicodemus is the business-man and engineer. The nights of the city run smoothly largely as a result of his diligence, and many of the most important issues within the domain pass through Nicodemus' hands.

Nicodemus does like the finer things in life. He smokes exquisite tobacco from a very old pipe, and is the steward of the Prince's "wine cellar". He also acts as chauffer for the Prince, taking great personal pride in the impeccably kept automobiles he maintains as a hobby.

History Edit

A Living Noble Edit

As a practice, Nicodemus never speaks about his mortal life. Some few, however, are privy to the details. Nicodemus was a titled gentleman in England several centuries ago. The youngest of his family, he would have inherited little. Tragedy took his house, however, with Nicodemus the sole survivor. His family was liquidated as part of collections on a delinquent debt to a dangerous Ventrue. Nicodemus was Embraced as a means to soak residual profit and position and preserve the title. When his Sire met the Final Death at the hands of rivals, Nicodemus fled.

The Venetian Affair Edit

Nicodemus met Arcturus in Venice, where the ambitious Daeva saved him from a poacher's death in exchange for his service. Nicodemus went on to aid Arcturus in his ascent to power, including as a tutor in Dominate and a financier of his master's more costly schemes. Upon his ascendance to the throne, Arcturus has relied endlessly on his friend's gift for management, and granted his every possible request.

Reclamation Edit

In the process of expanding Arcturus' holdings, Nicodemus took a sabbatical in his homeland, where he acquired his family's neglected holdings. In the process, he discovered a previously disinherited branch of his ancestor's line, and restored the youngest living relative he could locate to title. He carefully shepherds the descendants of this distant relative, checking in every couple of decades as one or another forgotten relation.

Friends and Foes Edit

Arcturus Edit

The Prince and the Seneschal are the closest thing to true friends that can exist among vampires. Ever since the Venetian Affair, Nicodemus has been at Arcturus' side, and vice versa.

The Marquis Edit

Nicodemus and the Marquis do not see eye to eye. Nicodemus does not care the wanton horror and decadence of the Marquis, and the Marquis dislikes the scrutiny that Nicodemus pays to his many Masquerade violations. While the Seneschal isn't likely to attack the Marquis' interests directly, he does try to stand in his way. The Marquis, on the other hand, wouldn't mind if a few of Nicodemus' favorite things went up in flames.