Title Harpy
Clan Daeva
Covenant Unbound
Sire Arcturus

Mirella Edit

The only Childe of Prince Arcturus. Mirella is constantly showered with affection and gifts by her Sire. She has little ambition, a powerful intellect, and a growing set of skills in covert operations.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Mirella is a beautiful woman. She is of average female height, dark haired, generously feminine, with a gypsy heritage. She has green/blue eyes, and a smooth voice. She is often dressed in the best finery, and has been seen to sport some of the most extravagant jewelry to ever grace the Pacific Coast. This, of course, is a byproduct of her lineage. Her hairstyle is largely dependant on her wardrobe, but is always long.

Personality Edit

Despite being the Childe and lover of a very powerful Sire, Mirella is by nature quite timid in kindred society. She stays close to her master whenever possible, straying only when he sends her on an errand or he disappears on one of his own. She is deeply dependent upon her sire and his staff, and is considered to be sheltered by most K

indred of the Emerald City. She is devotedly loyal to Arcturus, as they are bound by reciprocal Vinculum. She is a fierce combatant when necessity dictates, capable of using her exquisite long knives to deadly effect. She is also quick to blame herself with failures that may or may not actually exist. Arcturus finds this behavior oddly endearing.

History Edit

Mortal Life Edit

Mirella, Violet Fendhem in life, was a student of classical history at the University of Washington before meeting the Prince. A part-time job at a florist's shop helped her pass the time more than it helped her financial situation. Most of her monetary needs were met by either her scholarships or her wealthy suitors. Mirella had a taste for men of substance and a surfeit of feminine virtues. Never close to her family, she had few close associates outside of her studies.

Meeting the Prince Edit

One of Mirella's dates took a turn for the worse at an upscale lounge after her suitor engaged in a little too much to drink. Not one to give away her charms, the gentleman became frustrated with her refusal to return to his boudoir. Just as he was becoming distractingly loud, he underwent a sudden and unfortunate mental episode requiring medical attention. A tall, handsome patron offered to join the embarrassed young woman. Noting the intriguing volume she had with her, the two enjoyed a pleasant evening of conversation before arranging a second date.

Courtship and Embrace Edit

The courtship process lasted nearly two years. Arcturus would visit her at irregular intervals, sweeping into her life like a hurricane, drawing her deeper into the world of the Danse Macabre. The Prince's aide, Nicodemus, vehemently protested his liege's seeming infatuation. After an increasing number of Kindred balls and functions, Arcturus finally took her aboard one of his cruise vessels to consummate the embrace and tutor her in the ways of the Requiem.

The Prince's Treasure Edit

Having the undivided affection of the Prince has its benefits. She has risen quickly to the height of influence without much effort. Many younger Kindred in Seattle look to her as the figure to emulate when it comes to style and fashion. After all, since the Prince provides her wardrobe, he must like anything she wears, no? She is the center of a cult of style desperate to catch the Prince's eye. She understands enough about her influence to wield it to her advantage, but cares little enough that she rarely does so.

Friends and Foes Edit

Arcturus Edit

Her Sire is still Mirella's primary connection in the World of Darkness. He provides, either personally or through his staff, everything she needs. When she hunts, it is for pleasure rather than necessity. She never spends a moment apart from him that she does not have to, though he utilizes her as an assassin of sorts from time to time.

Nicodemus Edit

Initially opposed to Mirella's distracting influence, the Prince's right hand has come to treat Mirella as his daughter. While he doesn't shower her with gifts and affection the way her Sire does, Nicodemus provides quiet words of encouragement, amusing anecdotes, and a ready ear for the fledgling.