Harry Franks
Title Sheriff
Clan Gangrel
Covenant Ordo Dracul (Philosophers)
Childer Rose

Harry Franks Edit

The grizzled and stoic Sheriff of Seattle is a feared hunter of both man and beast. Lawbreakers, poachers, drifters, and more find themselves looking up at Harry Frank's bloodied knuckles.

Description Edit

Physical Edit

Harry Franks appears to be in his late thirties. He has a firmly set jaw, light blue eyes, light brown hair with a few peppered streaks. He wears a medium-length, unkempt beard. He stands tall, his height made the more intimidating by his thick leather jacket. His hands are old, weathered from a lifetime of labor. The right side of his face features a large, poorly healed slash that splits his flesh from the forehead halfway to his navel. This curls one corner of his lip, so he always looks like he is smirking, which he generally is anyway. He is generally dressed in a lumberjack's rough attire, with a thick wool suit jacket thrown over his jeans being his "Sundee best."

Personality Edit

Harry is an outdoors-man. He spent his mortal life working timber near the Canadian border. He settled in the Seattle area just as it was developing, after there was nowhere else to go to avoid people. He has since stuck in the area, always moving to the outskirts of the city. He continues to live in the borders of civilization, and downtown Seattle is quite the trip these days. As such, most kindred see him in his surly worst. In his own element, Franks feeds primarily on wildlife. He takes the occasional taste of human blood while leading rich tourists through the woods or stalking lone travelers for sport. He isn't dumb, and is not easily duped. He has an interest in literature, and his cabin is full of books, shelved, stacked, and piled. When forced close to civilization, he takes the opportunity to swim in the cold waters of the Puget Sound. He similarly keeps a supply of fine whiskey, simply to smell, or serve to victims and later drink through them.

History Edit

A Man on the Edge Edit

Harry has been running from mankind for centuries. He fled to the New World to pursue the solitary life of the American mountain-man. He cut lumber, trapped beavers, hunted bear, and even chased down a few fugitives from justice. One such fugitive proved to be more than Harry could handle. The Gangrel murderer beat Harry thoroughly after the mountain-man put several slugs into his prey. As a show of respect, the criminal embraced Harry before leaving. Harry adjusted quickly to his new "life", and finished the job he set out to do, taking his Sire apart with his bare hands.

Going West Edit

As civilization crept across the country, so too did Harry Franks. He stayed near Canada, changing sides of the border depending on where he was more wanted at the time. In Boston, he took on a Dragon tutor, sharing a coterie with Arcturus as they learned the Coils together. He only remained for a few years, chaffing under the scrutiny of the mortal masses. He continued West, picking up every time he felt the press of humanity. Once he hit the Pacific coast, he had nowhere else to run. Seattle became the hunter's home. He has adapted, become more civil, more sophisticated.

Settling In Edit

Staying on the edge of society, Harry became the first vampire in the Seattle area to survive an encounter with the Forsaken. By surviving a death struggle against a raging Garou, he gained their respect. Ever since, he has acted as liaison between the Kindred and the Uratha, and even participated in a few Sacred Hunts. He has also become a cornerstone of the Ordo community, able to reach, catalog, and protect sacred sites no other Kindred dares to approach. This would have been more than enough to keep Franks busy through the last century, but a face from his past would show up again to make Harry's life even more complicated.

The Sheriff of Seattle Edit

Arcturus resurfaced in the 1970's, arriving on the heel of a disastrous collapse in Kindred government. It didn't take long for Arcturus to gain control. The new Prince needed trusted Kindred to fill his court. No one in the Emerald City was a more capable hunter or killer than Harry. He was instantly appointed Sheriff. He is somewhat reluctant in his duties, but he is faithful to the Prince. It does ensure that if Harry is ever called on to bring someone to justice, he is motivated to perform his duties as quickly as possible.

Friends and Foes Edit

Arcturus Edit

The Sheriff and the Prince are old friends, once sharing a coterie. Since his arrival, Harry has spent more time with Arcturus than any single vampire in the city. Harry serves the Prince, albeit reluctantly, and the Prince overlooks his "indiscretions".

Desiree Wilson Edit

The Circle Mistress of Elysium cares more about the truly esoteric aspects of her covenant than any other vampire in the city. As such, they collaborate very closely to monitor and manage the mystical sites of interest in the city. Rumors circulate about the nature of their relationship, but Desiree is a purely professional acquaintance.

Rose Edit

Harry's only living Childe is a former police-woman who just wouldn't give up. Harry respected her enough to grant her the embrace rather than death. Their relationship is... complex. However, she is welcome to come and go from his cabin without either permission or the promise of certain destruction. He taught her everything she knows, and she serves him in capacity as a Hound.