Title Prince of Seattle
Clan Daeva
Covenant Unbound
Childer Mirella

Arcturus Edit

The Prince of Seattle. Arcturus is a distant and aloof monarch more content to let his subjects bother each other and indulge in the finer things in life than take the business of governance seriously.

Description Edit

Physical Description Edit

Arcturus stands tall, he would have been a behemoth in his own time. 6'6", slim, blond. Arcturus is always circumspectly shaven, and wears his hair in a Victorian slick. Always carefully draped in the best tailored suits, the Prince is a Kindred to be taken seriously, even when it comes to looks. Those who have been introduced to his domain are keen to remember his striking eyes, brilliant icy blue orbs that know their souls before they speak.

Personality Edit

The prince is a consummate artist, and a natural politician. He bears his reign more than revels in it, and treats the difficulties of his flock as contrast at best and a terrible stain on his evenings more often than not. He is not a man to be trifled with, and is not above using his carefully honed Dominate with regularity. He is carefully spoken, quick of wit, and smolders dangerously when angered.

His parties are legendary, and to be excluded from the guest list is to be considered a grave slight. A sanguinary gourmand, his "table" is always set with the best bottled vintages from several centuries. He is not a fan of the Danse Macabre, and keeps the clans and covenants at each other's throats just enough to keep them in line without fomenting too much malice.

History Edit

Origin Edit

Few know the true origin of the Prince. He claims to be more than 1100 years old, an impressive boast that most in Seattle dismiss as empty posturing. The statement is, however, entirely factual. Originally Germanic, Arcturus was sired by a Mediterranean Kindred interested in an exotic pet and plaything. She got more than she bargained for, and the Northerner soon went his own way.

Rise to Power Edit

Most of the intervening centuries are shrouded in mystery, mostly because Arcturus simply doesn't bother to talk about them. Late in the 17th century, he rose to become the Prince of Venice. Some say it was to spite his former Regnant, but more likely it simply represented an ideal locale for artistic hedonism. During the 19th century, Arcturus grew weary of Old World politicking, and left the rule of Venice in the hands of a favored proxy. The New World beckoned, and Arcturus quickly overthrew the ruler of Boston, who was already plagued by his revolting Childer. The Industrial Revolution "took all the art out of the Atlantic", in the Prince's words, and he went West to visit his old friend, Harry Franks. A useless Prince had left the city's power structure in tatters, and the remaining Elders begged Arcturus to stay. He was so enchanted by the Emerald City that he took uncontested possession of the city.

The Gem of the Northwest Edit

Since the early 1970s, Arcturus has surrounded himself with a close group of loyal kindred who help to rule the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Area. The Prince himself is one of the oldest vampires in the city, if his boasts are to be believed. He rules as a distant monarch. He takes a laissez-faire approach to many of the city's affairs, preferring to spend his time pursuing the pleasures of the arts and other hedonistic passions. Generally aloof, Arcturus seems bored at most official functions. In order to cut down the number of petitions arriving at his "high court", the Prince has instituted a vast number of lower courts and Elysiums to solve petty concerns and empower his chosen regents. Some fear to even approach the court, lest Arcturus resolve their petitions with his capricious sense of justice (or amusement). He maintains power not only by allowing the covenants to jockey endlessly for marginal gains in influence, but by virtue of his unoppressive government. Most fear that Arcturus' successor would reign with an iron fist instead and express a preference for his lightweight management style.

Friends and Foes Edit

Mirella Edit

Arcturus dotes endlessly on his only Childe, who he keeps close to him at all times of leisure. Any insult to Mirella might constitute a death sentence. At the very best, it will certainly put the offender out of the running for his yearly granting of the Seattle Center. The two are bound by reciprocal Vinculum.

Nicodemus Edit

Arcturus and Nicodemus are very, very old friends. Nicodemus acts as the Prince's right hand. Indeed, he handles most of the actual work in the city, leaving his master free to pursue pleasure without the distraction of rule.

Harry Franks Edit

More than a century ago, Arcturus and Harry Franks shared a teacher in the Ordo Dracul. After the dissolution of their coterie, the two have remained close associates. Arcturus was delighted to find a friendly face when arriving in the city, and made Franks the Sheriff. While Franks would rather not bother with all the politics, Arcturus was insistent on a reliable friend in office.